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Die  Bavarian  Bratwurst

Made right here in house for you to enjoy  here or take home a few

Authentic traditional Bavarian Bratwurst made in-house. We use only first-cut pork & special spices to make all 5 flavors. Served with German bread & herbed butter, German potato salad & Weinkraut.


Always cooked just right served with German Bread , Weinkraut and German potato salad.

Burgermeister Platter – choice of one Brat....... $10.95
Served with German Bread , and Mashed  or German Potato salad and Weinkraut

Each Additional Brat....... $3.95

Discount tickets are not good for Sausage Platters.



Bavarian  Restaurant  Home Made Bratwurst  Flavours



Make a choice

  • Käse Bratwurst [Cheddar cheese sausage]
    Wonderful sharp cheddar is added to this lean pork sausage to satisfy the pork & cheese lover.

  • Feuer Bratwurst [it's a hot one!!!]
    This feisty spiced all pork sausage is said to be so HOT You need to sign a Release before getting served   A must for those who love spicy hot food

  • Knoblauch Bratwurst [Garlic sausage]
    A scrumptious spicy lean pork sausage, with fine herbs & fresh garlic.

  • Puter Bratwurst [Turkey Sausage]
    Mildly spiced turkey sausage. This rivals our traditional German made in-house Bratwurst

  • Traditional German made in-house Bratwurst
    It's our best seller, and if it's your first time, this might be where to start.


Sausage platters are  Not  good  for Gift Certificates

Take some home for grilling at $6.99 LB