Appetizers (Vorspeisen)

Bavarian Herring Boat $8.5

Fresh herring filets marinated in champagne, vinegar & spices, mixed with apples, onions, Himalayan salt, pepper, sugar, & sour cream.

Pot Luck Bratwurst Sampler $9

Sautéed with sweet onion gravy, served with our crusty German bread & herb butter.

Heinzelmannchen Sausage Puffs $6.5 (when available)

Six puffs on pretzel roll crostinis with sweet onion gravy.

Knödle $3.5

German potato dumplings with onion gravy.

Kartoffel Puffer [German potato pancakes]

($2 pancakes $4) ($5 pancakes $8)

Cheese Plate $11

Seasonal assortment of cheeses served with pickled vegetables & sausage.

Soups & Salads [Aus dem Suppentopf und Salate]

Bavarian Salad  (Small) $5.00 – (Large) $7.00 

Romaine lettuce topped with carrots, sweet onions, tomatoes, cranberry raisins, nuts, & served with homemade Bavarian dressing.

(add chicken $3)

Braumeister – Gulyas Suppe (Goulash) $6.50

Traditional German soup served with German bread & herb butter.

Bavarian Sausages (Bratwurst)

Burgermeister Platter –

Choice of one Brat $11.95- (Turkey Sausage – $12.95)

Each Additional Brat 4.95- (Turkey $5.95)

Traditional German Made In-house Bratwurst  

It’s our best seller, & if it’s your first time, this might be where to start.

Feuer Bratwurst

Spiced all-pork sausage – VERY HOT!

Käse Bratwurst (Cheddar Cheese Sausage)  

Wonderful Sharp Cheddar is added to this lean pork sausage to satisfy the pork & cheese lover.

Puter Bratwurst (Turkey Sausage)  $12.95

Mildly spiced turkey sausage. This rivals our traditional German made in-house Bratwurst.

Knoblauch Bratwurst (Garlic Sausage)  

A scrumptious spicy lean pork sausage, with fine herbs & fresh garlic.

All Plate Shares (Brat platter not included) served with Vienna salad for two, and an extra side (Bavarian fried potatoes, German potato salad, Sauerkraut, red cabbage or Spätzle) add 4.95-

Entrees [Abendessen]

Bavarian Pork Chops   – $21.95

Lightly breaded, boneless pork chops, pan-seared & served with onion demi-glace.

Braumeister – Gulyas (Goulash) – $21.95

Sautéed pork tips & onions in a spicy paprika sauce.

Bach Forelle – Müllerin (Trout)  $22.95 (All day)

Lightly seasoned Trout filet, pan-fried & served with a dollop of lemon butter.

Roasted Vegetable Strudel (All Day)  $14.95

Chef’s selection of seasonal roasted vegetables, with goat cheese, served over a bed of greens, & our house dressing.

Münchner Sauerbraten   – $24.95

Roasted beef marinated in wine, vinegar & spices for days, resulting in tenderness, & served in a tangy ginger snap gravy.

Drunken Bavarian Chicken  – $21.95

Chicken smothered in German Riesling wine sauce, mushrooms & herbs.

Oma’s (Granny’s) Beef Rolladen  $24.95 (All day)

Rolled beef with pickle, onion, carrot, bacon, mustard & spices.

Schweinshaxn (Pork Shank)  $31.95

MUST BE INFORMED 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE. Served with Münchner Onion Beer sauce, Spätzle or Knödle (German homemade noodles, potato dumplings).


What is a Schnitzel? In Austrian cuisine, a Schnitzel is a thinly sliced cutlet coated with bread crumbs & cooked until golden brown. All Schnitzels for lunch & dinner are served with Vienna salad, a side of your choice, & German bread & herb butter.

Jäger Schnitzel   – $21.95

Sautéed breaded schnitzel covered with a sherried mushroom demi-glace sauce.

Matterhorn Schnitzel  – $21.95

Sautéed schnitzel topped with Müenster cheese, mushroom & fried onion.

Blauer Engel (Blue Angel) Schnitzel  – $21.95

Sautéed breaded schnitzel topped with Black Forest ham & melted Müenster cheese.

Rahm Schnitzel – $21.95

Sautéed breaded schnitzel topped with Ratskeller sour cream sauce.

Wiener Schnitzel  – $29.95

Sautéed breaded schnitzel served with paprika lemon slices.

Zigeuner (Gypsy) Schnitzel  – $21.95

Sautéed breaded schnitzel topped with fried peppers & onions.

Discount tickets not good for Sausage Platters.

Authentic traditional Bavarian Bratwurst made in-house. We use only first-cut pork & special spices to make all 5 flavors. Served with German bread & herbed butter, German potato salad & Weinkraut.

Kids under 10
(Kinder Speisekarte)

Dinner Menu

Sauerbraten, or Wiener Schnitzel, or Hand-breaded

Chicken Strips $8

Served with Bavarian fried potatoes.

Ham & cheese melt $6

Served with Bavarian fried potatoes.

das king ludwig wild beast feast

Das King Ludwig Wild Beast Feast$

Wild Beast dishes are “when available”. All Wild Beast for lunch & dinner are served with Vienna salad, a side of your choice, & German bread & herb butter. A sample selection of our wild game includes the following: Wildschwein (Wild Boar) “Jäger Art”, Bison Hanger steak with wild berry demi-glace, Sliced Buffalo filet steak with mushroom, Hollandaise sauce, Hasenpfeffer (braised rabbit with garlic sausage), Wild Reh (Venison) Medallion, Sautéed Frogs Legs with herb lemon butter, Pan Fried Ostrich steak with sour cream, green peppercorn sauce, & Sautéed Kangaroo steak.

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