White Wein


Carl Graff [Mosel]     Glass 7.5- / $28 per bottle

Light apple, fruity tasting

Dr. Thanisch Riesling [Mosel]  $35 per bottle

Red apple, apricot, figs & lime


Valkenberg Madonna Riesling   Glass 6.5- / per bottle $24-

Floral bouquet, fruity hint of effervescence

Saarstein Riesling Glass 9- / per bottle $34-

Various melons, delicate sweetness


 Berncasteler Dr Thanisch Riesling (Auslese)  per bottle $125-

Ripe fruit with slight tartness

Red Wein

Lagaria Merlot  Glass 7- / per bottle $27-

Elegant, with flavors redolent of raspberry,
cherry, & blackberry

Mezzacorona Pinot Noir  Glass 7.5- / per bottle $28-

Ripe red fruit with a bit of oak

Hahn Merlot   Glass 8- / per bottle $29-

Very bold, well bodied

Hahn Cabernet Sauvignon  Glass 8- / per bottle $29-

Dry with raspberry & wild berries

Leo Pinot Noir  per bottle $40-

Rich yet medium bodied with dark berries

German Biers (ask about bottled beers)

Half Liter $6.50 / Full Liter $13.00 of most biers on tap

Oktoberfest (honey flavour)

Optimator (higher alcohol content) 

Pilsner ( light) 

Hefeweizen (wheat beer) 

Dunkel (dark, rich, creamy)

Berliner Wiesse – Weiss Bier w/raspberry syrup – $7.5

Spezi Weisse – Weiss Bier made w/cola – $7.5

Radler Weisse – Weiss Bier made w/lemonade – $7.5

Dieter Heinzelmannchen is our local German brewer.  Beer on tap changes with the seasons – $7 half liter / $14 liter


Bavarian Hot Toddy – $9.50

Hot black tea w/lemon wedge & German honey liqueur 

Asbach Jubilee Coffee – $8.95

Coffee, brandy topped w/schlag 

Gala Mocha – $8.95

Hot chocolate w/Peppermint Schnapps w/ schlag 

Honey Coffee Supreme – $8.95

Coffee w/honey liqueur topped with schlag 

Champagne Cocktail – $7.00


Ask about our Digestives:  Killepitsch, Gilka, Underberg, etc.


Apple Strudel – $5.50 / A la mode $1.00

Filo dough wrapped around apples, & baked with a cinnamon sugar crust 

Schwarzwalder Kirsch [Eisbombe] – $6.50

A Bavarian style sundae, w/black forest chocolate cake, black cherry ice cream, syrup & schlag

Bavarian Cream Puffs – $5.50

A pastry shell injected with cool, sweet cream, & drizzled w/ raspberry melba sauce

Black cherry or Vanilla ice cream – $3.00

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